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Professional CVs are the fastest and easiest ways to get a new job.

We are the highest rated CV & cover letter writers in the country. Having a professional CV & cover letter is the fastest and easiest way to improve your job search and get you the job you want.

CV / Resume

We professionally update or write from scratch your CV to up sell your abilities and attract the attention of recruiters. Our Cloud CV ™ fully complies with and exceeds Australasian requirements and gets you three professionals working on your CV.

Cover Letters

The first document a recruiter will read is your cover letter and we absolutely recommend having yours professionally written. This gets the employer interested in you and feeling you really care about their job.

Do you work in a creative industry?

If you work in marketing, beauty, film or acting – our new DesignerCV visually stands out by a mile.

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Five people work on your CV

Our revolutionary Cloud CV ™ means five writers work on your CV. Putting together different perspectives, research and strategies, this is the best way to get a well-rounded CV.

Professional CV’s are better

Anyone can write a CV explaining what they’ve done, but the secret is to have a professional who knows what employers want to hear and how to get them imagining you already working in their business.

Friendly, professional service

Talk to us about what you need and how we can help you. You’re not the first person to seek out help, and frankly once you do – you’ll be miles ahead. We know this from experience.

We know the local market

When an employer reads your CV, do you want them picturing you as the perfect person for the job? Being based locally means we know the culture, what the organisations are like and how to pitch yourself to suit their image.

Tell us about you, what you need a CV for and the types of jobs you want. We’ll be happy to send you free resources and information to help yo get started.
With no obligation, our team can recommend to you what people in your situation normally choose from our services and how having more than just a CV will help you.
We’ll write your documents, work back and forth with you to make sure you are happy – and we can even coach you on how to make industry contacts and train you for your next job interview.

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