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Professional CVs

The fastest and easiest way to get paid more, or just get a better job. Our stunning competency CVs can be used locally and internationally. We write for all industries from senior to entry level.

Help With Your Job Interview

Once you have a great CV, you must know how to pass the interview. This is the hardest part. We provide 1 on 1 live mock interview sessions to teach you how to pass.

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You can send us your old CV. Tell us about your situation. And we will make an affordable and realistic plan to get you a job. There is no charge for this.
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CV / Resume

We professionally update or write from scratch your CV to up sell your abilities and attract the attention of recruiters. Our Cloud CV ™ fully complies with and exceeds Australasian requirements and gets you three professionals working on your CV.

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Cover Letters

The first document a recruiter will read is your cover letter and we absolutely recommend having yours professionally written. This gets the employe interested in you and feeling you really care about their job.

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Do you work in a creative industry?

If you work in marketing, beauty, film or acting – our new DesignerCV visually stands out by a mile.

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LinkedIn Profile

Our professional profiles make it easy for eheadhunters to find you. Plus, build your relationships with employers and apply for insider jobs that are not normally advertised on Seek, using a LinkedIn profile.

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Ask an employer to create a job

You need to tell organisations you want to work for who you are and what you can offer them. An astonishing 85% of jobs can be found by knowing the right people. We can write you a letter to introduce yourself to an employer and request a face to face appointment.

We can help you.

Ask us to create a package that suits you.

The interview will be one of the most challenging parts of your job search. In our shrinking job market, it is crucial to present yourself professionally to secure your dream job. We will coach you on skills and techniques of the job interview, to ensure that you give this crucial presentation your best shot. In 2013 we coached over 70 different job applicants, guiding them towards real results in the interview room.

Our interview trainer will research the roles you are applying for, and formulate realistic scenarios and questions that you will be likely to expect.

We have over 100 questions, from beginner to advanced and will make you sound sharp in the interview room. We’ll teach you how to come across as passionate, making the employer feel like you really want the job.

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Do you need specific help with your situation? Admittedly, having a good CV will help you a lot, but you also need to know how to use it. Applying for jobs on Seek and TradeMe Jobs is not the answer.

Last year we helped over 100 clients by writing them a blueprint strategy guiding them on how to build connections with employers, apply for jobs, ask employers to open up vacancies for them and network with industry leaders. Many of these secrets are unknown to the public and were only given to CEOs. If you really care about your career, this is what you need.

Ask us about creating a Job Action Plan for you.

Why choose us?

  • Only CV writer in the country with a certified senior writer
  • Expert CVs that grab attention, spark interest and get you interviews
  • Post-CV support with 1 on 1 coaching and guidance
  • Many customers come to us after having a nasty time with competitors
  • Hundreds of success stories at different companies
  • 3 to 5 team members working on your CV brings multiple perspectives
  • Cost effective and an affordable investment for your career
Tell us about you, what you need a CV for and the types of jobs you want. We’ll be happy to send you free resources and information to help yo get started.
With no obligation, our team can recommend to you what people in your situation normally choose from our services and how having more than just a CV will help you.
We’ll write your documents, work back and forth with you to make sure you are happy – and we can even coach you on how to make industry contacts and train you for your next job interview.

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At no cost we will call or email you to find out what we can do to help you and give you free advice.

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