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Arthur, please feel free to add my testimonial on your website. Having graduated a year ago but still working until recently in customer service positions – you know how eager I was to finally get a job in journalism. Getting a call from one of the country’s largest newspapers saying my application and CV stood out by a mile was a thrill that I eventually got taken on as a journalist intern, and am now in a paid role! This industry is cut throat, and for me to get this I am so happy! Thank you also for helping with the job advice and interview coaching 😀 J.X.

Internship / Journalism CV & Interview Coaching Student

Mate, it’s 100% obvious you are a recruitment professionals! I’m an advertising and communications manager, so one could excuse my confidence in assuming I can do my resume myself. I used appealing adjectives, had a catchy template, and talked up my experience. Not embarrassed to admit that nothing worked out. Taking the punt with you guys made it clear recruiters think in a totally different way to applicants. Thank you so much, I’ve got interviews! Success!

Advertising Manager CV and Job Search Blueprint

My field (computer programming) was competitive in the UK, and it’s even worse in NZ. I called up, got a much more polished CV, and we did 2 interview coaching sessions. First session we rehearsed niche, technical, and specialist questions related to my job in “STAR” format. Second session, we looked into negotiating salary convincingly. I said I’d only write an endorsement if I cracked a 6 digit salary… so, here you go 😉
Systems Engineer CV & Interview Coaching Student

Lance, has been a fantastic support through the entire process of collating and creating a stand out C.V – I would highly recommend them to anyone who is serious about getting the job they have always dreamed of, – I was so impressed with the work that he had done, I have already started recommending friends. For the minimal cost it is absolutely worth it! you won’t regret it at all!! 🙂
Returning to Work CV

I was using Lance’s service while my dream job’s application time will be closed in 48 hrs. Lance is professional and managed to finish the resume & cover letter for me in time. The work he carried out is absolutely stunning and way exceeded my expectation. He is also very friendly and helpful when we were discussing about my resume. These all helped me to get through that pressured time. Thanks a lot Lance and I’m highly recommend anyone who’s looking at this page to choose his service!!
Teaching CV

Arthur and his team provided me with a very professional and effective service. They turned what would be a very average CV into something that’s bound to get me a job! Overall a very small investment for my career, highly recommended!
Graduate CV

Excellent, professional and super FAST!!! I love my new CV and cover letter and Linked in Profile. Getting interested employers already:)) Thank you so much for making my life easier. I would recommend this service to everybody. Until these guys do your CV, you wont know what an amazing CV looks like:) Many thanks. KD
Beautician CV

King of CV rewrote my CV with skill and made it far stronger than using my old format. They also created a fantastic cover letter format for me… I don’t know about you but sometimes it is hard to promote yourself in the same way someone else can. I’m in the process of applying for jobs and feel far more confident due to the help of this company! I can not recommend them highly enough! F. Jankowski (Teacher)
Teaching CV / Moving Cities

I love the artistic CV that was put together for me. I was very surprised at how it captured all my photos and creative work in just two pages.
Creative CV (Designer)

Yes, I got the role. Highly recommended! Fantastic work King of CV helping me to make a cover letter that really matched the industry.
Professional CV (Executive Level)

I was actually very stressed before moving to NZ a few weeks ago because after applying for many jobs on Seek I could not get any response from an employer. I was thrilled to get a good job offer with a solid NZ company and thank you so much Lance.
Moving to New Zealand CV

Mr Lance, thank you very much for everything you have done for me. The new CV has helped me settle and find employment in NZ as software programmer. Thank you very much.
Moving to New Zealand CV

Being an academic I often find it hard to write my CV because of my limited working experience. Lance you have been brilliant in reframing my knowledge into real skills employers care about.
University Lecturer CV

Stoked Lance. Moving to Australia next month feeling very confident! Will be referring my wife soon as well I am just impressed by the whole package and your work. Very friendly man and his team.
Electrician CV

Being a corporate lawyer for 12 years I had most of my clients through referrals, but after deciding to open my own practice I needed a way to leverage myself. Lance and his team created a professional profile for me and a document to share with my clients. His team really knows how to make a professional stand out and I was impressed how he went beyond the idea of just doing a CV.
Professional Branding for Lawyer
It is very rare you will find a talented CV writer like Lance I think. This is my 3rd time getting a CV written professionally and my first time using King of CV. Dramatically better, and actually more affordable than some of the other people you’ll find!
Teaching CV / Moving Cities
Amazing 10/10 work done – I will certainly be telling all my friends. Fast turn around, got it done for me in 24 hours for an urgent job – Arthur from your office was also superb to deal with.
Business Development Manager CV

Great new LinkedIn page, I actually never knew you could get it looking this professional! It looks sharp!!
LinkedIn Profile
Felt awesome going to the job interview with Fonterra last week thank you! They are now calling references
Interview Training
Lance this has been some good work actually very impressed with how you showcase achievements and skills especially as now I am looking to take a new direction. Thank you.
Site Manager CV

I have no hesitation in recommending Lance and his team this is simply superb and much more than I can expert
SEO Consultant CV
Small investment great return really. So much better than the free resources I would happily recommend it to others
Statistics CV
Really thrilled after being made redundant with my role through the newspaper managed to land a job with Fairfax I’m tremendously impressed how quick it was
Journalist CV

Wow!! I think what people need to realise is that getting a resume done professionally is a MUST , and using you is a MUST!.
Record Label Manager CV
Going for this management role has had a lot of competition and I appreciate your excellent creativity in showcasing me.
Fire Service CV
So happy to have chosen you I love it! Will be sending my sister along next to contact you for help. This is great!!!
Makeup Artist CV

Very clear and effective layout. I am very impressed and am going to send it off now I think this will be great!
Mining CV
Lance I appreciate how you have laid out all my career experience I am thrilled to have worked with you
Nutrionist CV
This is great work I am feeling very positive about the search now can’t wait to send it off. You really understand!
Administration CV

Wow! I really don’t know what else to say. I was so shocked by how good the new cv and cover letters came out. I actually love how this works for me and I also ended up getting two more cover letters. Best investment I have made for my career, apart from my bachelor’s degree. Thank you so much!!
Ambulance / Paramedic CV
I have been using my old CV for nearly 5 years and gotten a poor number of job resposnes to say. That being said this new CV really covered off everything and employers are now giving me a call back. Thank you Lance for creating something REALLY helpful for job seekers, I can tell you are great at this and want to help people.
Web Designer CV
You are such a honest man and THANK YOU for all the support you have given me. I feel inspired now to do os much more and I have stopped my friends from using their old shoddy CVs and will be getting them to contact you. Great support and always there to help me. Man with a GENUINE heart I say!!
Insurance CV and Coaching

Everyone knows the Australian job market is good but it’ actually quite hard to get a job. Thanks for your help, recruiters here are VERY happy I can tell you that! My partner will be using your services next
Moving to Australia CV
Mr Lance thank you for making it easy this is very kind of you and your generosity to give me pointers is brilliant thank you for setting up my LinkedIn too it is SHARP!
CV and LinkedIn
I appreciate the help you and your team gave with the coaching. I felt very reassured walking into my recent interviews and cannot thank you enough for the guidance.
Interview Coaching

GENIUS and this is what it is about. Fast result, very clear detail of who I am and what I can offer. So that everyone can know please place this on your website. I had quickly gotten a massive new level of interest in my public speaking for motivation at businesses because of how you showcased my work. Thank you!
CV and Branding for Motivational Speaker

Great work Lance! New CV presented my experience, skills and other attributes in a very orderly and attention grabbing manner. I had to complete a very detailed questionnaire to provide Lance with all info regarding my employment and achievements and I was assured that I will get a great CV. Cover Letter summed up my abilities and quite sensibly justified how I am best suited for the jobs I wish to apply for. Thanks Lance. I give you a 5-star rating. Good luck to both of us 🙂
Retail Manager CV and LinkedIn

I have been most impressed with Lance’s work. The CV Lance completed far exceeded my expectations. I found Lance to be very friendly and went out of his way to ensure that I was happy with the final product. I feel he produced something that was innovative, well written and beyond what I could have imagined and produced.
Social Work CV

Really great guy. Really knows his stuff and has taught me some amazing skills and gave advice from a recruiter’s perspective. Cheers Lance!!:)
Musician CV

Lance please put this testimonial on your website. I was really challenged when I finished my studies whether to pursue scientific or engineering career. Getting two CVs done from you was a fantastic choice. The recruiters told me it was fantastic particularly Jalco. I ended up getting THREE job offers which gave me plenty of choice in terms of where to work and how much I could get paid. Small price, big return – you are right my friend, you are the best.
Scientific / Mechanical Engineering CV

I think what you will find is Lance is a sheer genius at what he does. The CV is basically poetry – when I walked into Michael Page they called it brilliant. And his team has always helped me no matter what time of the day. I met Lance at a career fair recently and he is actually out there speaking to the employers. He knows what they want to hear, so I don’t think you could have a better person writing your CV!
Senior Manager CV – Moving to Australia

Here is my advice as a professional recruiter myself. I have been hiring staff for 6 years and I came across a really stunning CV from a candidate who actually told me that he used King of CV. I have seen the work of other, shoddy, companies, to say the least – and King of CV is something different that I have used Lance’s services myself. In a time when many companies are going for a quick re-write, these people are absolutely about marketing people to be the best they can and get the jobs they want. As a professional recruiter, you have my vote as the best.
CV for a Recruitment Professional

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