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Denzel Wong.


Project Description

Denzel Wong completed his Master’s in Commerce last year at the University of Auckland and had since been looking for a position as a Business Analyst.

Having previously been a BA for a local manufacturing company he had junior level experience behind him, plus a fantastic degree – but employers were constantly turning him down for all sorts of reasons.

Denzel said he was often told “under-experienced” or “not the right person for the role” – and of course all time dreaded responses that the calibre of applications was too high.

Feeling discouraged and unmotivated, we met Denzel at a career fair and had a talk with him about how his job search approach may have some flaws and we reviewed his CV over email.

In doing so we found that his current CV, LinkedIn profile and cover letters were all severely lacking in enthusiasm, failing to make his achievements stand out and not selling him as a graduate.

Since then we redesigned Denzel’s job search approach and gave him a ‘blueprint’ outlining where he needs to be applying for jobs, how to meet industry leaders and finally get the jobs he wanted.

Within three weeks, Denzel was able to secure a total of three job offers and ended up working as a Business Analyst for a New Zealand agricultural giant. He now works in a rewarding role that allows him to make the most of his knowledge as a postgraduate student but also a keen, quick and active learner.

Project Details

  • Date December 17, 2013
  • Tags Career Counselling, Interview Coaching
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