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Gareth Leith.

Electrician moving to Australia

Project Description

With ten years in the trade and numerous informal and formal qualifications – Gareth is an excellent example of a skilled tradesperson wanting to move to Australia.

Australia’s booming government, residential and corporate developments make it an ideal place to work for many tradespeople given the ever increasing number of opportunities. Gareth contacted us after knowing he wanted to move to Sydney however was constantly turned down by employers when applying for jobs online. He wanted to find a job prior to landing in Sydney – creating an even bigger challenge.

It’s much easier for Australian employers to choose tradespeople who already reside in their cities. It makes it easier for them to interview them, screen them, and they are already adapted to the local culture of each city. We think there’s no denying there is stiff competition for New Zealanders wanting to move to Australia and therefore skill and care into job applications is paramount.

We reviewed Gareth’s CV and found that while it had a natural Kiwi charm – it didn’t quite meet the needs of Australian employers who require particular details in these types of CV’s. Through speaking to us, Gareth was able to realise where he was selling himself short. He had the right skills , and education – and would actually exceed the requirements of employers – but didn’t let this come across in the jobs he applied for.

Our consultant Damien worked with Gareth over the space of a week to formulate a new CV and cover letters and Gareth was delighted with the work. Damien also able to help Gareth find a number of employers in Australia he would be interested working for, and helped him to write letters to target those employers.

With a proactive attitude that every employer loves, Gareth was able to secure a job right at the same time his fiancé did in Sydney and they were able to move over on the same date. A truly exciting time all around for a lovely family like the Leiths – we certainly wish them the best on their Australian adventure.

In the past we have helped a lot of our customers with their move to Australia – wherever it may be; Perth, Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and even Tasmania!

Project Details

  • Date December 20, 2013
  • Tags Working Overseas
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