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Katie Smith.

Seeking a new challenge.

Project Description

Katie is a 25 year old professional in Wellington who had worked in a number of pharmacies and retail stores as a beautician. With a huge interest in cosmetics, design and care for others she truly loved her job though after reconsidering her goals for some time felt it would be best to take the next step.

Katie found King of CV through a friend and explained to us that every time she had applied for a job, she was turned away and being told she “just wasn’t the right fit for the role.”

Though she was convinced she already had a strong CV, a review by one of our CV consultants uncovered her CV was out of line with the guidelines set down by the Human Resources Institute and failed to explain in what way she could offer employers something unique.

After purchasing our Cloud CV package and getting her CV fully re-written, Katie also purchased three cover letters and a LinkedIn profile. She started receiving much more positive responses from employers and was invited for three interviews within the space of a week!

Her three job interviews led to one employer seriously interested in her who called her in for a final interview. Katy was very excited to tell us that the employer loved how her CV was laid out, and, she did get the job.

Project Details

  • Date December 17, 2013
  • Tags Designer CV, Interview Coaching

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