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Martin Nel.

CEO contacted by recruitment headhunters

Project Description

Management professional Martin Nel has five years of experience at executive level and ten years at senior level. A strong leader – Martin was approached by a headhunter working on behalf of a competitor in Australia.

The headhunter had heard about Martin at a recent industry networking conference – being an expert in marketing for electrical systems and leading teams to achieve company goals – there was a lot of interest around Martin.

However what did come as a shock was Martin being told he needed to produce a CV within 48 hours to send to them. Having not worked in his CV at all in the last fifteen years, Martin contact us to discuss an urgent turn around for his CV.

Within a few hours we were able to gather all the information we needed and produced a CV for him. Martin reviewed the CV once, and much to our delight found it to be outstanding. In fact, Martin felt it was such an excellent piece of work he ended up referring his whole family to us!

And of course we’re excited for Martin – the headhunter was absolutely impressed by the executive level CV we produced for him and was immediately invited in for an interview. One month later after negotiations and an attractive overseas relocation package – Martin began working for the new business and is delighted with his new lifestyle in Melbourne.

Project Details

  • Date December 20, 2013
  • Tags Executives, Working Overseas
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