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Sonam Kapoor.

Migrant student lands her dream job as a nurse

Project Description

Determined, ambitious and passionate are three words we’d definitely use to describe Sonam. Having moved to New Zealand 3 years ago from the India, she had long dreamed of the reality of becoming a nurse.

With thousands of nursing graduates every year and increasing competition from overseas applications, Sonam needed to stand out with her degree and needed a lot of guidance around this. She found that many employers simply did not pay attention to her application and didn’t give it the right attention she deserved.

Determined to succeed we spoke with Sonam about where she wanted to work and gave her some ideas on how to increase her chances of success. While she was always a high achiever in university, she did lack practical experience which many other graduates had.

To help her out coached her on writing to employers she wanted to work for and she had offered to work for free to gain experience. After some searching and considering her options she was offered two placements where she spent a month proving herself to employers and was able to add this to her CV.

Even better, one month after finishing her placement she was contacted again by the same ward who happened to have a vacancy. Rather than them going to find a new nurse by advertising on Seek – Sonam had impressed them so much during her placement that she was instantly offered a permanent job.

We’d really like to congratulate you Sonam – this is a wonderful example of someone determined to succeed and show others the world how amazing they can be.

Project Details

  • Date December 20, 2013
  • Tags Graduates
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