One of the struggles for a job seeker is seeing a job advertised that you feel would be a dream fit for you, but you’re lacking one or more of the required qualifications. A lot of job seekers move on and never send in an application. But is that the right approach? When you’re faced with a job opening like this there are a few things you should consider before you make your decision about applying or not.

Are you capable of doing the job?

In some careers qualifications are absolutely key. Someone who’s got an arts degree won’t be getting a job as a surgeon without getting the necessary medical training. However, in a lot of other advertised positions, it’s worth asking yourself: ‘Do I have the abilities to be successful at this job?’ It may well be that even if you don’t meet the stated qualifications that you will have the skills and experience to do the job well. Make an honest assessment of your capabilities for doing the job.

Adverts are written to weed people out

It’s always worth bearing in mind that job adverts are often written to limit the number of applicants. No hiring manager wants to have to read the CVs of hundreds of candidates who don’t have the skills, experience, or qualifications to do the job, so adding a few ‘requirements’ to the advert can be a good way of discouraging those people form sending in applications and tying up the hiring manager’s time. So, don’t necessarily be discouraged by the job requirements.

Use your CV to your advantage

Applying for a job where you don’t meet all the qualifications is a challenge, but it’s one where your CV can help. A well-written CV that’s targeted for the job you’re applying for can help accentuate your skills and experience, rather than highlight your lack of qualifications. Having the right CV can show your ability to do the job successfully based on your career history and the abilities you possess.