It’s all too common for people to believe that being invited to interview means they’ve finally made it. We’ll ace the meeting and will be offered the job. We can relax.

Winging and improvising an interview is as foolish as slapping together a resume and hoping for the best. You should expect plenty of well-prepared competition, and there usually is.   You shouldn’t be memorising answers word for word, but we bring you some useful tips in having that extra edge to your interview.


Research those who will be at the meeting

It doesn’t hurt to ask for the names of those attending, and then look up their profile on both LinkedIn and the company website. By reading their backgrounds and articles they’ve written, you’ll be able to determine their tone, what interests them what they’re passionate about professionally.

Listen very carefully

Interviews will often give away cues about their concerns and potential areas they felt you lacked in your CV. You just have to listen for them. Be self-aware, know your strengths and limitations. Address any reservations they might have by explaining your strengths. Use examples, statistics and achievements from your professional past to assure them how you dealt with certain situations and complications at work.

Show That You Want the Job

Never be casual or apathetic. Convey your passion for the industry, position and what you can do for the company. Your skills may be top notch, your knowledge and abilities second to none. However, how you’ll fit in with the rest of the team is vital. No matter how talented you may be, interviewers are looking for someone with a good fit with the team.

Dress the Part

Be aware of what constitutes the company’s dress code. You can determine that by searching the company online and looking at their web pages or company events the staff participated in. If the business is a start-up where everyone wears jeans and t-shirts, don’t show up in a full suit. If you’re applying for a position in a conservative industry such as banking, insurance or law or the like, a suit is your best bet.   The more you look like one of them, the more likely it is they’ll think of you that way.

You should never treat the interview as the final step of your job search. Always remember to follow up and be prepared to be called in for a second or even a third interview.  Prepare yourself, and leave a lasting impression to score you your dream job.