New Zealand is a country that attracts people from across the world seeking a better lifestyle or going in for a better career move.

Needless to say, then, the country rises to the occasion gloriously, providing people with rich cultural experience, as well as myriad job opportunities in the engineering industry.

If you have just come into the country looking for a job that surpasses your previous one, then you have come to the right place, and this is especially true if you belong to the engineering industry.

There remains no doubt that the engineering industry is amongst the fastest growing and flourishing industries worldwide. More opportunities and innovations are being introduced into its sectors in New Zealand, showing growing opportunities for engineers, and others within the industry.

If you are someone looking to venture into New Zealand in search of a new job in the engineering industry, we have a few helpful tips that can help you make the transition.

Before we begin

There are some things you need to know before we dive head-first into untangling the nuances of the engineering industry. If you are an immigrant, ensure that your proficiency in the language, as well as your qualifications, are vouched for by the appropriate organisation, such as the New Zealand Qualifications Authority. These steps can make you a preferred candidate, irrespective of the sector you wish to join.

On that same note, New Zealand also offers a variety of sectors within the engineering industry which you could be a part of according to your skills, qualifications, and experience. The areas open to prospective employees stand as follows:

  • Civil engineering
  • Automotive engineering
  • Electrical engineering
  • Chemical engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Engineering Drafting
  • Industrial engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Materials Handling engineering
  • Process engineering
  • Systems engineering
  • Water and Waste engineering

Once you pick the sector you wish to work in, you need to now work towards winning a position within a particular company or organisation within the same industry, and this is where you need to start being extremely vigilant about each of your steps, the most important of which are highlighted below:

1: Have a professional CV writing service in Auckland create your CV

A professional CV writer in Auckland will make sure your CV contains all your skills and experiences, and relevant qualifications. Because the engineering industry has multiple sectors, be especially careful that your CV is tailored to fit the requirements of the particular field you are applying for.


Also, a professional CV writer in New Zealand will highlight important points, such as what you can offer the organisation, your fields of expertise, and ensure that they are presented well and draw employers’ attention. They will also be as specific as possible and do not list things that may not be of any interest nor benefit to the employer or the industry.


2: Social presence

Social media sites, such as LinkedIn, have become indispensable to the job industry, helping in job searches, as well as helping employers scout for prospective employees.

Moreover, it is because of this that anybody seeking a new job are advised to update and remain active on their profiles regularly. Make sure your LinkedIn profile contains all your relevant details, including qualifications, skills, and experience.

You can also benefit significantly by regularly publishing posts pertinent to the industry, such as blogs about the current status of the engineering industry in various countries, or other related topics, which will not only work to draw prospective employers’ attention but will also assure them of your infallible interest in the field.


3: Research about the engineering industry in NZ.

Do your homework. Look into prospective companies and organisations suitable to the sector you wish to work in so that when you apply, you have some insight into what they expect out of you. Collect as much information as you can, and not only about various companies, as mentioned before; look into how the country – in this case, NZ – can accommodate your skills.

Talk to people within the industry; accumulate information about the market and the various available opportunities within different regions. Of course, other than physical research – which can be quite tedious, come to think of it – you can avail of the web.

Several websites cater to the needs of those in the engineering industry in NZ, and many more to job-seekers in general. More often than not, these will become your best friends in your search for the perfect is a site dedicated solely for engineers in the country, while sites such as and contain information for anybody looking to enter any wing of the job industry in New Zealand.

Other such websites you can refer to are,, and


4: Networking

Being new to a country or an industry probably means that you know very few people associated with either. However, as someone looking to develop a career, you need to make sure that that changes; contact and establish relationships with people within the engineering industry. Additionally, you could also get in touch with recruitment companies (Halo, for example), which will help you gain valuable insight into how the industry functions in the country. Attending events or at least keeping track of them could also help significantly in expanding your network base, which, in turn, will help develop the avenues open to you.

Engineering, as well as New Zealand, remain extremely accommodating and welcoming options for those looking to step into a new job. While the transition may not always be smooth, with the right steps, you can rest assured that substantial benefits will be reaped. Good luck!