One of the qualities of a company job seekers look for is whether there’s an opportunity for growth. Although the pandemic caused a 4% increase in the number of workers looking to change jobs, 89% are not. They plan to stick with the current employer. One in four plans to upskill and grow from within.

Landing a job with a company that values in-house career growth could be a crucial step for you. But you must first know where to look. Here are some signs that will help you tell if the company shares your values.

Management frequently challenges employees but also encourages them. 

The leadership in a company that values in-house professional growth often challenges the team members to step outside their comfort areas.

Is this aspect apparent in your resume?

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Along with daring members to dream, the leadership also shows that they trust the team’s judgement. They fully support their ideas.

Mistakes are learning opportunities. 

What if you dare, and the outcomes are not as expected? They don’t it as an opportunity to axe. They view it as a learning opportunity.

Do you cover all the bases before venturing into a new area?

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There are many mentorship opportunities

The leadership entrusts you with new territories. But they also ensure that you have the right kind of coaching so that you don’t falter or crumble.

Companies that value your professional development also value mentorship, and practice it as part of their culture.

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For now, look into the company’s website. Or, ask a few friends within. Talk with them, and find out if they value mentorship.

They have an open-door culture

In-house professional development hangs on communication. A two-way channel between the leadership and staffers is critical for the latter’s growth and development.

Companies that have an open door culture towards opinions, suggestions and criticisms from their staffers, also value their members’ development.

But the employers don’t only look for opinions, criticism, and praise from employees. They look for proactive solutions and commitment to the overall objective. Your resume should portray you as a forward thinker who criticizes but also finds solutions.

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Looking around for options is a welcome sign of a desire for growth

To conclude, companies that value in-house professional development don’t get jitters when team members look around for options. Instead, it’s a welcome sign of a desire for growth.

Besides, succession is never an issue. The next best person has already been mentored and dared to take up the role.

If you are looking for an employer who values in-house professional growth, it should also reflect on your resume. Work with a professional CV writer to showcase how you have (and can) developed other team members.