Trying to find a job? Just been to a job interview? Sending a thank you note after an interview is always a good idea as it displays your enthusiasm for the job and conveys an impression of you as a positive person with good people skills. CV writers at King of CV, the country’s top rated CV writing service, always advise sending a thank you note. “A thank you note is a simple way of making a positive impression on potential employers.” However, when it comes to writing your note there are a few things you should make sure you avoid.

Timing is everything
Send your thank you note within a day or two of the interview. Sending it a week or ten days after the interview will make it seem like an unimportant afterthought.

Use the right tone
No matter how well your interview went, remember that the purpose of the thank you note is to thank the hiring manager for the opportunity of having the interview. It’s not about thanking them for a job they haven’t offered you yet. Remember to remain formal yet courteous.

Make it individual
Don’t use a standardised note that you just change the name of the company and the date, and send it to all the companies you interview with. Use specific details about your interview and the company you’ve interviewed with. Making the note more specific will highlight your interest in the job.

Check for mistakes
Your thank you note is a good way to show off your people skills and your positive attitude. All this qualities will be overlooked if there’s a typo in your note. Make sure the note is proofread and any mistakes taken care of.

The thank you note is very useful for job seekers in making them stand out from their competitors. Keeping these points in mind when you’re writing your note will make sure that you stand out for the right reasons and not the wrong ones!