When you’re looking for a job, there’s always a desire to know the right things to say and do so that you make a good impression. You want to know what a potential employer is looking for, and to be able to let your personality, abilities, and experience shine so they can see you’re the stand out candidate for the job. An interview specialist at King of CV, New Zealand’s #1 rated CV writing service, suggests a novel approach. “To gain some insight, it can be useful to try and think like a hiring manager, imagining that you’re the person whose job it is to pick the person for the job. What might they want to see?”

Make The Right Changes To Your CV and Cover Letter

Hiring managers can often have to go through hundreds of CVs for every job that’s advertised in their company. So if you were a hiring manager what would stand out for you? Well, a really simple but effective strategy is to always make your CV and cover letter specific to the job you’re applying for. In this way you’re highlighting for the hiring manager why your skills and work experience are right for this specific job, rather than outlining skills and experiences that aren’t related to the job you’re applying for.

Link To Your Experiences

If you make it to the next stage of the process, you’ll meet the hiring manager for an interview. Interviews are always stressful, but here again, try to think like a hiring manager. In the interview they want you to sell yourself, to give them all the reasons why they should hire you. So, when you answer their questions, link them to a (short) story from your work history that demonstrates your ability to do the job – “Yes, I would say I have good people skills. For instance, in my last job I had the experience of…” This way you’re making it easier for the hiring manager to envision you in the job.