Seeking a job in New Zealand during challenging economic times can be disheartening. Even at the best of times you have to be prepared to accept disappointments and setbacks. It’s quite natural to get down when you’re faced with a rejection letter, or from simply not getting any reply to your application. It’s therefore vitally important for job seekers to develop a strategy for dealing with disappointments and maintaining motivation. Here are three simple things any job seeker can do to make sure they stay motivated in their search for a job they’ll love.

Set Specific Goals

Finding a job can seem like a daunting task. This is all the more true when you’ve been trying for a while and just can’t seem to catch a break. The temptation to just give up can set in very easily. To avoid this set yourself specific targets for each day. These targets can be very simple – search through two job boards today; or apply to at least one advert today; or send a follow-up email to one company today. Breaking your job search down into specific daily targets keeps things manageable and provides an ongoing sense of accomplishment with your search.

ACTION POINT: Take some time to sit down and write a list of daily targets that you can achieve as part of your job search. Be specific – list things that you can accomplish with little difficulty. You can adjust your goals on a daily or weekly basis.

Build In Some Free Time

To balance out having specific daily goals to achieve, make sure to allow yourself the opportunity to take a break from your job search. Dwelling non-stop on frustration and disappointments kills motivation and breeds desperation. To counteract this, make sure you take time to take a break from your job search. Hang out with friends, visit family, go to a film, visit a museum, talk a walk. Getting away from your job search and enjoying yourself for a few hours will help you maintain your perspective and your motivation.

Get Some Constructive Criticism

If you’ve been struggling through your job search for a while, it can be useful and, maybe even necessary, to step back and evaluate your strategy for finding a job you’ll love. Talking to family and friends, asking them to look over your CV and cover letter, can provide you with valuable feedback. Getting professional advice can also be invaluable. Investing a little in your job search strategy can get you a huge return in terms of a job you’ll love. CV writers at King of CV, a leading New Zealand CV writing service, say that they regularly encounter people who’ve been struggling for a while to find a job: “We often have people coming to us who’ve been looking for a job for months. We generally always find that working with them on their CV and cover letter, together with having them talk with some of our consultants to develop a new job seeking strategy, nearly always delivers positive results.”

Maintaining your motivation is vitally important to landing the job of your dreams. Developing a strategy to deal with disappointments and to keep your enthusiasm alive can make all the difference in finding a job that will bring you a sense of satisfaction.