A career is usually considered a stable and unchanging thing, where the only place to go is up. However, with changing economies and personal interests, people want a career change but are usually too scared or ignorant to go through with it. Most of the time, the individual may feel frustrated with his current job but does not know whether this warrants a career change.

That is why, to help you out, we have compiled a list of 5 things to look for in your job that will tell you that it is, in fact, time for a career change.

Loss of passion

Most people enter a career following a passion, and the most significant indicator that you need a career change is the loss of this passion and sense of direction. Your love and excitement will govern the quality of your work for it, and any lack of these factors will not only result in a diminished quality of work but also make you unhappier.

Stunted professional growth

If you find yourself unable to grow and lacking the necessary motivation to make changes to aid in your professional growth, chances are you need to make a drastic career shift. Finding yourself stuck in the same job, doing the same things can prove to be trying, and their lack of challenge will eventually take a toll on you.

A hostile workplace environment

The workplace is as important a factor in a career as passion, and a hostile workplace can drain the enthusiasm from the most excited of workers. If you find yourself in such a workplace surrounded by untrustworthy and undependable co-workers and unable to do anything about it, perhaps you need to consider a career change.

Insufficient rewards and talent potential not valued

If you find yourself in an environment where you are not valued and are not reaping the rewards you deserve, it is time you consider a shift in career. There are some ways your employer can invest in you, be it through a raise in salary, bonuses, or scholarships, but if you find that the employer is not willing to do that and does not value or acknowledge the work you do, a career change may be in the books.

A dormant personal brand

Your brand can only develop if you are allowed to innovate independently, in a manner that comes to you naturally. However, if you find that your employer and career do not allow this, perhaps you need to consider a shift in your career.

A career change may seem tedious, but sticking with one that does not allow you to grow or explore, and fails to motivate you is even worse. Take the plunge and make a career change. We at King of CV will gladly assist you in this new chapter and furnish a perfect CV for your needs.