If you think a hiring manager has things easy when it comes to finding the right candidate for a job, think again.

Every day, a hiring manager has to sift through hundreds–if not, thousands–of CVs and cover letters just to come up with a shortlist of potential candidates to call in for an interview. That said, you’ll need to have more in your arsenal than a well-written and professional CV and cover to stand out from the sea of candidates, and impress a hiring manager so that you can make it on the list.

Here are eight simple tips how you can impress a hiring manager even if you haven’t met them personally.

Write up a great social media profile

One great way to impress a hiring manager is by marketing yourself through your social media profiles.

Nowadays, hiring managers don’t just make their decision purely on the information you put in your CV. They head over to LinkedIn and other social media networks so that they can learn a little bit more about you. At the same time, they cross-reference the information that’s in your social profile against the CV you’ve submitted for consistency and accuracy.

That said, it’s important to make sure that you write up your LinkedIn profile and profiles in other social media networks to match with the information in your CV.

Provide a hiring manager with recommendations

Recommendations coming from your co-workers, superiors, and even your friends can help you make a great first impression with a hiring manager.

For starters, recommendations give a hiring manager a holistic picture of your personality, skills, experience, and work ethic. Also, there’s always that possibility that you and a hiring manager share mutual connections. When a hiring manager sees an excellent recommendation coming from someone he or she knows, that can be more than enough to get your name on the shortlist of candidates that get called in for an interview.

Leave a large online footprint

Having a large online footprint by consistently posting on LinkedIn and other social media networks, joining online forums, and even starting a blog all can help you impress hiring managers looking for potential candidates.

First, you show your technical competency. Being technically literate has now become a primary requirement if you want to land a job, regardless of your position and industry.

Second, this will give hiring managers an insight of your level of expertise and knowledge. Hiring managers are more than happy to contact you when they see that you’re exceedingly knowledgeable on different topics in your niche.

As mentioned earlier, weeding through hundreds of CVs is a daunting task hiring managers face. When you’re easily visible online, you’re in effect making it so much easier for them to find you.

Always learn new skills

Hiring managers favour job seekers who are proactively looking for areas of growth. That includes enhancing your skills and experience. You can find a variety of free online courses where you can learn and get certified in skills that would make you an asset, and increase your market value.

Be consistent with your personal branding

This is critical for selling yourself to hiring managers. By building your personal brand, you’ll be able to establish yourself as a respectable and reputable expert in your niche. It will also help you showcase what you can offer to a company.

You don’t need to set up a blog to start building a personal brand. Some social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn that allow you to publish articles so you can start there. The key here is consistency. Try to post an impressive article once a week. This way, you’ll be more likely to get the attention of hiring managers and other people in your niche.