The work experience section of any CV is vital. Unfortunately, many people talk more about work and less about the experience. A CV writer can help to make the work experience section on your CV punchy.  

Before you reach out, start by considering the tips below.

Draw parallels between your current/former roles with prospect job

Of course, it is crucial to list your previous experience in chronological order. Begin with the latest to the earliest. But don’t just state the company name and the role you played. Write a succinct description of the organizations – especially if they are little known. 

A CV writer can come in handy if you are struggling to write brief and attractive descriptions.

Also, if your previous roles match the prospective job, mention it. The employer will know that you have the skills to get going. Better still, find out who are the major clients of the prospective employer. If you worked (or currently work) with what they regard as a target client company, mention it in the work experience section.

Be honest

Every word in your CV should be factual and consistent. If you have gaps in your employment history and are worried that it may come out the wrong way, consider spreading the dates. You could avoid stating specific dates and mention the months or the years. For example, “From 2015 to 2018…”

On the other hand, if you worked many different roles within a short period, don’t stress about listing all of them down. You could group them and say, from 2015 to 2017, worked in different temporary roles in the hospitality sector.

 Be specific to what they want

Work with a professional CV writer to tailor your resume and cover letter to fit each application. Retrieve the job description and target person’s specifications. Under each item, tweak your experience, or skills to reflect the prospective employer’s wishes.

Show that you have the skills, experience, and expertise they desire.

Be specific, and quantify where possible. For instance, if they want sales experience, mention how many clients you handled in a previous role and the figures relative to the target.

Don’t underrate volunteer and other experiences

If you recently graduated from college, experiences apart from paid employment will speak volumes about your capabilities, skills and personality.

With the help of a CV writer, mention your volunteer experiences. Also, mention when you offered services to a charity, and extracurricular activities, especially those that demonstrate leadership.  

Focus on achievements (numbers speak louder)

In conclusion, as you write down your work experiences section, remember prospective employers are interested in your achievements. Avoid endless blurbs about the responsibilities. 

Reach out to a CV writer and deliver concise descriptions of what you achieved in the specific roles. 

If you have numbers to support your achievements, don’t be shy. Mention the figures relative to the targets. If numbers are not available, state how your contributions made an impact on the organization. Did you simplify processes, or did you improve something?

The work experience section should not be full of boring job descriptions of your previous roles. Make them punchy strategic messages of what you can do.