Have a job interview? These days, it isn’t enough to have a strong cover letter and hope that you get a job interview. Once you get an interview, you can’t let your guard down. Don’t lose a job by sounding self-serving, careless, or desperate. How can you avoid these things and have a finish with a job-landing interview that pays off big?

Even if you may not have the skills that are an exact job match, you may still be able to land a job. Did you know 73 percent of job seekers want a new career or transfer their skills to a new field? In addition, 69 percent of hiring managers are willing to hire employees that may not have experience. Employees may be a good fit for a company if they have skills that are transferable.

Don’t ask what a company can do for you

Why don’t applicants get a job when they have the right skills? Some job seekers ask what a company can do for them. A hiring manager isn’t asking what ‘the company’ can do for you. He or she wants to know what you can do for the company. In a tough economy, a job seeker may not be able to afford the luxury of being self-serving. A hiring manager can because there is a large pool of job seekers. Did you know that if a company needs five new employees, they may get over 50 applicants. If you can prove that you can meet a company’s need, this may lead to landing a great job.

Don’t blow an opportunity to land a job by sounding desperate, either. Did you know hiring managers can smell desperation and it won’t land you a job any sooner? Employers want an employee that is in high demand over one that is desperate. Another thing that may sink your chances of landing a job is being careless. When asking if you have questions, speak up. If you don’t ask questions, it may seem like you don’t care about the company or care about the job.

Break a leg and make a personal connection

How can you know what may help you finish an interview with a job offer? Get a job recruiter at ‘hello.’ If you get a hiring manager’s attention, you have better odds of getting a job. It is also better if you can make a personal connection with the person doing the hiring. Tie statistical insight into the needs of the company and, if possible, into the interests of the hiring manager. This can make a hiring manager give you a longer look.

Be a tease and memorise them.

Use foreshadowing in your cover letter to hint at what is on your resume and pique a hiring manager’s interest to read your resume and consider you. However, don’t just repeat what is on your resume. After crafting your cover letter and tailoring it to match a company’s needs, do not come across too strongly on the interview questions. You may sink your chances of landing a job before you even finish an interview by coming across as too sales-driven and aggressive. Did you most recruiters may blacklist employees that come across as too aggressive in an interview?

Don’t be afraid to ask

Did you know asking for an interview may be the best way to land you a job? It may be the best way to directly let a recruiter know you are interest in the job and are the best fit for the company. You have a better chance of landing a job and finishing strong in a job interview if you break a leg, make a personal connection, be a tease and ask for an interview.

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