If you think the only time you should hire a professional CV writer is when you are hunting for a job, think again. An up-to-date CV written is a necessity, and you should always have one at hand.

If you are still climbing those stairs in your career path, you should have a professional CV writer on your speed dial list.

Here are some of the reasons why.

You Have a Dream in Your Eye

If you are still looking forward to bigger and better things in your career, or if it’s a little shaky at your present job, you have every reason to keep a CV writer on your speed dial list.

For starters, there are not so many good CV writers in New Zealand. This often keeps professional CV writers busy with loads of work.

When you wait until the last minute to reach out to a good professional CV writer, you may miss out on an opportunity to send a great CV for a short deadline.

It’s much better to have a well-prepared CV at hand, and a professional CV writer on standby to run through it just in case.

To Help You Get the Best of Regular Reviews 

When it’s time for year-end or quarterly reviews, having a professional CV writer on standby can help you get a better review.

Professional CV writers interact with your CV and get to know your strengths as well as skills. A brief chat with one can help you see how you applied your skills, and strengths and made an impact on the organization or team. It will certainly help to make a better case for you during a regular review or if you are gunning for a promotion.

To Keep Your Options Open

Keeping your options open doesn’t mean that you don’t like your job or you feel insecure. It just means that you like to remain open to many other options out there. Plus, these options don’t have to take you away from your current job. They could complement or even boost your abilities at your current job.

A professional CV writer will help you keep the resume up-to-date and attractive. They can help you update your profile on LinkedIn and you can upload the CV on job boards confidently.

Whenever an opportunity arises, whether it’s a freelance gig or a better opportunity, you will have an updated CV on hand to impress the recruiter. As the adage goes, you’ll never get a second chance to make a first impression. Interacting with a professional CV writer regularly will help you to make first impressions that count.

To conclude, don’t wait until it is the last minute or when it’s review time to reach out to a professional CV writer. You need to have a current CV that attractively presents your abilities and personality at all times. Have a professional CV writer’s number on hand, and keep interacting with them. It’s the best career move you’ll make.