The profession of writing has changed radically. Yes, we revere the poets, authors and artists of the past who could paint a pretty picture of a character with their words.

But that was fiction. We now live in a world where this type of writing takes a backseat to technical writing – a genre of writing that deals with big business, customers and jobs. 

Reality, if you will.

But you can still paint pretty pictures with words if you like – only if you see it that way.

The Rise of Technical Writing

Company documentation, e-learning, product manuals, blogs and microblogs dominate the job market.

The options are endless, really.

But no matter what you think, it requires talent to excel in any of these areas ever since analysing the reader has become the norm. This is no different with résumé writing either.

The point I’m trying to make is that each of these types of writing is a skillset to master. This requires a person to study the rudiments of the trade and gain valuable experience.

Not everyone who says they are good CV writers can back their words with action.

So, how does one sift the wheat from the chaff?

In other words, you have to look for a certification that qualifies them to be Certified Professional Résumé writers.


The Benefits of Hiring a Certified Professional Résumé Writer

But for the argument’s sake, let’s ask the obvious: Why should you hire a CPRW?

Don’t you want to get as many interview calls as possible? Especially if you are unemployed at the moment.

1: Costs

Given the situation where you have to depend on your savings to make ends meet, every day is a ticking time bomb. Finding a job as soon as possible will be on the top of your list of things to do.

Yes, hiring a CPRW might cost you but so will remaining unemployed for the next six months. As for those who are already employed, not being paid what you are truly worth is a definite loss as well.

Getting a professionally written résumé means less time in finding a job and also working at one which suits your skills appropriately.

2: Expertise

Trends are what make CPRWs stand out from con artists. Does your résumé still have the sentence “Reference available on request”? If so, then you need to get it updated as soon as possible. Staying in touch with the latest trends is a part of a résumé writer’s education and it’s something that can help you stay up-to-date too.

3: Keywords, keywords, keywords

Hiring managers look for keywords when they skim through a number of résumés. Do you have the right ones pertinent to your profession? If no, then you could be passed up on that perfect interview.

Also, applying through the online applicant tracking system can be tricky, given that résumé parsing can reject your résumé simply due to incorrect formatting. Apart from this, writing your résumé using the result-through-action format is very important as it highlights your accomplishments appropriately.

4: Visibility to hiring managers

Having a job-winning résumé written by a professional makes a big difference. If you take the risk of doing so, then you will get noticed by hiring managers even if you don’t meet their requirements fully. The reason why you will stand a better chance is because you have presented yourself in the best way possible on paper.

5: Unbiased Perspective

While you might not be accustomed to selling yourself for best results, professional résumé writers can do this for you. By asking you the right questions, they can put down the most appropriate skills and accomplishments for the job that you are applying for. In other words, they will be able to express what makes you both, unique and valuable to an employer. An aspect that will make all the difference.

In Closing

Without a doubt, a CPRW can make a real difference to your professional status, if you do choose to hire one.

All you have to do is take the first step… and let them handle the rest for you.

So, are there any other benefits of hiring a Certified Professional Résumé Writer?

Do you have any positive experiences in hiring one in your job search?

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.