It doesn’t matter whether you are well-qualified, have years of work experience and the right temperament to succeed at work. Learning to express these vital career talking points properly for a given context is crucial to finding work anywhere in the world especially if you are applying for work in Australia. No matter what, you’ll have done more than the usual to get your foot in the door. That, of course, begins with writing a CV that meets Australian standards in every sense of the word.

Here are four tips on how to write a CV to find work in Australia:

1: Highlight specific vital strengths in the Career Profile section

If you want employers to understand what you are good at, highlight particular key strengths as unambiguously as possible. Instead of stating that you have high technical skills, explain with examples of software. In other words, be as specific as possible to add context to the critical strength as well. Still, don’t forget that being concise here matters since employers look through several CVs at a time. They should be able to understand what you can do as quickly as possible. Short bullet points instead of long paragraphs will make a real difference in this regard.

2: Focus on acquired qualifications

If you work in a skilled profession, ensure that you mention your skills from the graduate level onwards. Especially if you are just out of university. It’s advisable to put your education before your work experience in the reverse chronological order. For that matter, even if you did not complete a course of education or are in the process of achieving it, mention it on your Australian-styled CV. This goes for short courses and seminars that you have taken as well. One can quickly tell that knowledge – be it certified or otherwise – definitely counts more than usual when applying for work in Australia.

3: Omit personal details and no photographs either

There are specific details that you should avoid mentioning to sidestep any bias. This includes your age, religion and your marital status. Some employers might favour single men or women to those taking care of prominent families. So, mentioning the number of children you have is a definite no-no as well. Last but not least, avoid attaching a photograph to an Australian-styled CV as this is not an accepted practice, no matter which industry you are looking for work in.

4: Hire a professional CV writer.

As you have already seen so far, CV standards differ from one country to another. Availing the services of a local professional CV writer will guarantee that you have a CV that meets the standards recruiters and hiring managers to expect from candidates applying for work in Australia.