CVs play an important role in determining whether or not you get a job. This is something you probably know as a job-seeker, having experienced it firsthand, or received it as advice imparted by concerned friends and numerous websites. The first thing that most people, frantic to have a CV, is take a blank sheet of paper and proceed to list all qualifications and experiences. That is good for a first step. But you need to realise that all those concerned friends and the like probably missed out one crucial factor – the importance of a professional CV.

You see, listing qualifications is child’s play. And because that is the case, recruiters often find themselves drowning in CVs that look and read nearly the same. Not only does this make for difficult selection, it also leads to a considerable amount of frustration, which may result in you not getting the job.

Thus the need to have your CV written by a professional CV writer.

Some people hesitate to have a professional CV writer in New Zealand that knows nothing about them besides perhaps what the other might have gleaned from a meeting or two.

A legit concern, granted. However, it is also not something to fret over, since professional CV writers are, well, professionals, and know just what they are doing, experience playing a major factor in this. Once people get over their initial hesitation, professional CV writers become their go-to; we have witnessed this too often to ignore it. There are a few reasons for the growing popularity of professional CV writers, and here are some –

Precision is something professional CV writers in Auckland ensure. You may be adept at writing a CV, but rest assured a professional will know how to do a better job of it. This is because not only are they aware of your qualifications and experiences, they are also knowledgeable in the nuances of various industries, and know how to present your CV in a manner that makes an impression.

It saves time. You can, after handing over your CV to a professional CV writer, go ahead with your own agenda, without worrying about writing a CV or whether it will turn out as well as you might want it to be.

A professionally written CV has a huge impact on recruiters. There is no denying that there is growing competition in pretty much all the industries – IT especially – which means more jobseekers and more CVs. Recruiters are human, contrary to what people tend to believe, and get frustrated very easily. Which is why a professionally written CV will be of great help: not only will it impress them, standing out from the others, but also motivate them to follow up.

Professionally written CVs are proving to have a great success rate with jobs, and more and more people are opting for this option over writing the CV themselves, or getting it written by a less professional source. Go give it a try, and you will know what we’re talking about!